Global Reporting Format

⚠️ GRF regulation will come into force on 12th August 2021 ! ⚠️ 

 ðŸ’¡The principles ?

  • To have a better correlation between aircraft performance and runway surface conditions
  • To limit the risk of runway excursion

EASA, based on ICAO recommendations, has amended EU regulations 19/2014 and 965/2012.

 âœˆï¸ Who is concerned ? 

Air Operators (CAT, NCC,SPO,NCO)

Aerodromes operators

✅ To do :

  • Amend Operations Manual
  • Training you operational staff

 â‰ï¸ How :

📄 Time to Fly can update your documentation 

🎓 Time to Learn, our training organisation, provides trainings compliant with GM1 CAT CAT.OP.MPA.303 & CAT.OP.MPA.311 / GM5 NCC.OP.225 / GM5 SPO.OP.210.

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